Hair and the Israeli summer

We’re all familiar with the “hot but pleasant” Israeli summer with the sun beating down on our heads.

But how does the summer affect our hair?!?!?!?

Summer brings humidity, dust, and perspiration, which, among other things, makes our hair dull, curly, and dry, which could lead to dandruff.

In addition, summer brings the bathing season but also chlorine and salt to our hair.

Regular visits to the swimming pool and the sea, in addition to the sun beating down on our heads, is very unhealthy for our hair and, after being in the pool or the sea, our hair feels dry and unpleasant to touch.

So what do we do???

When spending a lot of time in the sun, we must wear a head covering or a hat in order to protect our scalp and, of course, it should not be too tightly fitting so as not to damage the scalp and to allow the hair to “breathe”.

Using a good moisturizing mask or a natural mask, such as coconut oil, the heart of the aloe vera plant, or olive oil can help us to overcome the effects of the Israeli sun in the summer months.

Maintaining a good diet is important all year round; therefore, in summer too, a proper diet is one of the most useful tools we can use to protect our hair in the long run.

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