Foods that are not healthy for hair

A lot of experts point out that our hair is directly and greatly affected by our diet. Food has a direct impact on the quantity of minerals and vitamins that we consume and when we consume unhealthy foods or when we do not consume the vitamins and minerals needed to protect healthy hair, we could suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D and/or proteins and/or iron, which could damage our hair.
Below is a list of foods that contribute to hair loss:
Sugary foods: Sugar has a direct effect on the body’s ability to absorb proteins. If your food is saturated with sugar, we recommend to change it.
Food with a high sugar content makes the body produce insulin more intensively and, later on, directly produces androgen that contributes to shrinking hair fibers and to a possible hair loss. In addition, sugar slows down the rate of protein absorption in the body, which is very important for stimulating hair growth.
Fatty fried food: Foods that are unhealthy for our stomach are usually also not healthy for our hair.
Food saturated in oil can cause clogging and blocking of pores, which leads directly to hair loss.
Pastries and foods made from white flour – Processed carbohydrates are broken down by the body into sugar. Carbohydrates do not contain any components that are healthy for our hair, and a diet with a lot of carbohydrates could contribute to hair loss.
Salty snacks – An excess of salt in our body increases the level of sodium in the blood, which then causes dehydration that could lead to hair loss; therefore, in order to protect the health of your hair, you can continue to snack but do it in moderation and with awareness.
Alcoholic beverages – Alcohol is one of the substances that causes bodily dehydration. We have all noticed the feeling of dryness after partying all night – our hair gets the same feeling; it becomes dry and fragile, which could lead to hair loss.
Alcohol causes a reduction of zinc levels in the body. This mineral is responsible to a large extent for the strength of our hair.

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